Posted by admin on May 9, 2013

...Said a traveller to one of the people who had gathered around someone who had realized the Holiday Lifestyle:

'I have travelled a great distance to listen to him but I find his words quite ordinary'

Reply: 'Don't listen to his words, listen to his message'

'How does one do that?'

Reply: 'Take a sentence that he says. Shake it well till all the words drop off. What is left is your Holiday.'


Derived from  'One Minute Wisdom' by Anthony de Mello

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Method versus 'No Method'

Posted by admin on March 24, 2013

The sense of Holiday is present when worries are absent. The question is: Do we need a method that helps us delete worries and enter the experience of Holiday?

Looking at usual holidays we may decide to travel away from home, or at least, we disconnect from our usual workload. There is a certain action (travel) required, but once we have reached the holiday destination, that action is not needed anymore.

Likewise, we may choose to practice some relaxation methods that allow our minds to turn away from the usual concerns. Once the mind has settled down our attention recognizes that we have been on holiday all the time; only or mind pretended that it was otherwise.

It is therefore not a question of reaching another place, it is more a question of realizing that the Holiday has always been present. Our stressed minds don't believe this as stress is the opposite of the sense of Holiday. Let us grant the convenience to use methods for deep, mental relaxation if our minds are still stuck in the belief that we are NOT on holiday.

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On the day HolidayLifestyle.org was born

Posted by admin on March 17, 2013

The following report was moved today from the homepage to the blog section:

While I am creating the home page of Holidaylifestyle.org (in the night of December 21st to 22nd 2012, 2:00am), I hear the sound of thieves who try to break into our music shop through the glass door. They obviously believe that no-one is here. I am shouting 'Hey - What is going on?" By the time I get to the door they have disappeared, leaving lots of broken glass behind. My wife calls the police to let them investigate. Our family lives above the shop as caretakers.

There is evidence that broken glass is less significant than the sense of holiday. I saw that my holiday lifestyle was not compromised because of thieves.

Otherwise they would have succeeded in stealing something that really can't be stolen: The sense of holiday!

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Adding a New Post

Posted by admin on December 21, 2012

In-context editing is pretty cool cool!

What's easiest?
Fixing a typo when I see it.
Adding a form as easily as content.
Block area layouts are pretty cool.
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