Birth of the Holiday Lifestyle

The term 'Holiday Lifestyle' as a pointer to truth was first used on 21st December 2012.

The author for such a life style turns out to beĀ our fundamental nature. If you agree that there is a possibility that life can be lived like being on an open-ended holiday then you are likely to recognize yourself as consciousness to be the author of this holiday view.

You may also agree with the following:

The drama of life live is not derived from sense perceptions. The drama is derived from interpreting the experiences as belonbging to a separate individual, called 'me.' Take it easy. Seen from the depth of the ocean even big waves look small. From the perspective of the open sky clouds don't cause an interference with the spaciousness of the sky itself.

The birth of the Holiday Lifestyle happens in everyone when we sense our fundamental reality that is not limited by our boddies, thoughts and images. When this recognition is 'born', it recognizes the wholeness of life that springs from a vacant disposition. The clarity of wholeness is compromised when the belief into separation is not investigated, exposed as being untrue and consequently discarded by virtue of just seeing it.

The holiday lifestyle is not based on any belief. It is based on the direct awareness of who we are in essence.

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