Holiday LifestyleHoliday Lifestyle (HOLS)

'Sense Holiday Everyday' is here to encourage everyone to consider the possibility of living a life that is best described as a timeless holiday with an ever-new sense of well-being that is not a result of thoughts, emotions, physical conditions and circumstances.

A naturally non-fragmented human is naturally sharing wholesomeness, whereas a worrying human, who identifies with his or her persona that strives for happiness in almost everything it imagines, usually supports the idea that worry-related suffering is normal, necessary or even honorable.

Happiness is defined as the absense of the belief in separation - a mental construct that most would consider 'normal'. It may be normal - it has become the norm in society - but it is not natural.

The Holiday Lifstyle is natural and, in fact, deeply religious in the true sense of its word: re-ligio (re:again; ligio: connect). We consciously regain insight into what has always been true - we rediscover the wholeness or holiness of life and realize that we have never been separated from it. We just happened to create unsustainable beliefs about separation and fragmentation.

Here is a well-known 'holiday statement:'
“Do not worry about your life...Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?" (Matthew 6:25-34).


Present Reality cannot really be rejected or accepted. To run away from it is like running away from your feet. To accept it is like kissing your lips. All you need to do is see, understand, and be at rest.

From 'Taking Flight' by Anthony de Mello